Improve your motion skills and make practice enjoyable with Senseblend! This innovative tool transforms your training experience by using sounds to represent data or information about your movements.

With Senseblend, you can gain a better understanding of your movements and identify areas for improvement. The auditory feedback provided by Senseblend can also help to motivate you to continue practicing and perfecting your motion.

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Why is sonification of motion interesting?

Sonification is the process of using artificially produced sounds to represent data or information. In recent years, both sports and psychology researchers have shown a strong interest in the way sounds can affect perceptual-motor processes.

There is evidence that the close interaction between auditory and motor areas of the brain plays a role in movement execution, control, and learning. As a result, sonification has the potential to enhance the auditory experience of human motion by converting kinematic and dynamic movement parameters into non-speech sounds using smart algorithms.

These sounds can help to improve motor perception and performance by providing an additional source of information for the brain to process. For example, sonification could be used to help athletes improve their technique by providing auditory feedback on their movements, or to help individuals with movement disorders to better understand and control their movements.

Overall, sonification offers a promising avenue for enhancing the auditory experience of human motion and improving motor performance in a variety of settings.

“This emerging area of clinical and applied research demonstrates large underutilized potential, warranting further investigation of the promising application of auditory feedback information in sports and rehabilitation.” [5]


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